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Maria Victoria Henao Wiki – Maria Victoria Henao was the Hollywood actress. She played one of the most popular roles in the Narcos, you might saw her in the standout amongst the most prevalent Netflix arrangement highlights tranquilize pirating. Wagner Moura, one of the stars assumes a part motivated by Pablo Escobar. Tilting back to genuine living, who is Pablo Escobar? Pablo was hitched to Maria Victoria Henao.

Maria Victoria Henao Wiki

There isn’t a great deal to uncover about Henao before her marriage to Escobar. Be that as it may, as per earnthenecklace, Henao met this medication (cocaine) merchant at the youthful age of 13.

It is believed that the two met through Henao’s sibling who used to work at Escobar’s small scale wrongdoing bargains. By at that point, Pablo was 24. It doesn’t mind this age distinction, these two experienced passionate feelings for, began dating lastly got married.

Maria Victoria Henao and her significant other Pablo Escobar

Maria Victoria Henao wedded with Pablo Escobar

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They conflicted with all the chances including a solid dissatisfaction by Maria’s family. Her family felt that, socially, Pablo was sufficiently bad to wed their girl.

Regardless, the couple tossed all care and chose to abscond. Maria got hitched to Pablo in March 1976. She was 15 while Pablo was 26. They took after their passionate bond.

Escobar’s Infidelity

Tragically, Escobar’s dependability to his significant other was fleeting. He had numerous connections and additional conjugal issues with different ladies. Indeed, even with numerous issues, Maria Henao stayed by her significant other’s side.

She was dependably there urging him to be solid. Being a cocaine dealer and a man with different connections, Pablo confronted numerous difficulties, however Henao would dependably be there for him.

Her Net Worth

Following the passing of her significant other Pablo in 1993, Maria and her kids had a go at moving starting with one nation then onto the next. She and her child were later blamed for illegal tax avoidance, a charge they denied. Right now, Married Biography says that in the wake of moving to Argentina, Maria changed her name to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero to dodge the consideration of the police.

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She is said to have turn in a flat and picked to avoid general society. As much as her significant other’s total assets was gigantic, Maria’s present total assets stays obscure. There is no data on her pay or total assets.

While her significant other Pablo was alive, Maria figured out how to keep up her better half’s total assets, which was at $30 billion in the 90s. This was a critical cash in those days, and it made him one of the wealthiest men on the planet around then.

He had additionally settled his realm characterized by numerous private homes and safe houses among numerous different resources. He additionally possessed a home in Miami, Florida. Tragically for Maria and her tyke, the Columbian government after Escobar’s demise took up these benefits.

Maria Victoria Henao is billionare

Maria Victoria Henao is billionare

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Training and Career

At present, there is no data on Maria’s instruction or profession. As of now said, she just came in broad daylight after her contribution with Pablo Escobar.

Wassup Celebs says that Henao drove a sumptuous way of life upheld by the cocaine bargains pay. There are additionally different theories that she just remained with her better half in light of the cash. Obviously, this is a subject that diverse individuals would contend out in an unexpected way.


Maria, a Columbian national has three kin. These are Henao Vallejo, Carlos Mario, and Pastora Henao Bayen. As of now said, her family did not favor of her association with Pablo. They asserted he was socially unfit for their girl. Maria gave them a hard of hearing ear and ran off with her sweetheart two years after they initially met.

Consistent with their statement, Pablo was unfaithful to his better half, and he carried out numerous wrongdoings other than being a brilliant medication ruler. There’s very little that has been said in regards to Maria’s family after her association with Pablo Escobar.

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Maria Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar Children

Maria turned into a mother out of the blue on February 24, 1977. It is then that the couple respected their firstborn child Juan Pablo(who later changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin). Later in 1984, the couple got another kid, this time a young lady. They named her Manuela.

Wonderful Family: Maria Victoria Henao, Pablo Escobar with their child and little girl

Maria Victoria Henao and her better half Pablo Escobar with their kids

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Sebastian is a developed man now. He graduated with a degree in engineering. Sources say he is as of now wedded and is a father to an excellent little girl. Not at all like his dad, Sebastian now functions as an engineer and is having a not too bad existence.

While Maria and her child Sebastian had driven a to some degree open life (until the point that when they were compelled to shroud their genuine names), Manuela is somewhat held and lean towards not to turn out in the media. In that capacity, there’s very little about her in the spotlight.

In any case, it is broadly realized that Pablo was exceptionally enamored with Manuela and that he generally went an additional mile to keep her glad and well, for example, he consumed 2million dollars to keep her from surrendering to hypothermia while his family was on the run.

Maria Victoria Henao and Her Kids after Escobar’s Death

Until his demise, Pablo’s family lived in Columbia. They needed to escape from this nation after his passing. Maria and her two youngsters are said to have had a go at moving to Peru, South Africa, Mozambique, Ecuador, and Brazil, yet being the group of the wealthiest street pharmacist; Maria and her kids were denied get to.

After a long battle, the family figured out how to enter Argentina. Back in Columbia, the administration had moved to grab every one of the benefits and riches related with the late Pablo Escobar.In a move that would be viewed as endeavoring to wash down his dad’s transgressions, Sebastian later composed a book known as ‘Sins of My Father.’

He likewise endeavored endeavors to help individuals who had succumbed to his dad’s outrages. This is as indicated by


Name: Maria Victoria Henao

Date of Birth: 1961

Place of birth: Columbia

Nationality: Columbian

Conjugal status: wedded (widowed)

Hitched to: the late Pablo Escobar

Kids: Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela Escobar.

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